What Caused the Civil War

Time Period
1825 to 1860
1861 to 1876
Media Type
Black History
Civil War
Politics & Government

This video looks at the question "What Caused the Civil War." The video specifically looks at differences between the North and South and the outbreak of the Civil War.

This video is part of the “Virginia Studies” series which is based on the Virginia Department of Education's Standards of Learning (SOL).  In this video series, the VMHC animates primary source documents to produce a video that is appropriate for a K-12 audience and even more appropriate for students preparing for the Virginia Studies SOL.  Each video includes a question at the end that will require a student to demonstrate historical and analytical analysis.

"The 'Virginia Studies' videos were terrific – at grade level – and nicely targeted to what our students need to know." -Amy Kleiman, 4th grade teacher