Scottish Stone Masons and Virginia Stone

Time Period
1764 to 1824
Media Type
Art & Architecture
Stewart McLaurin

On June 5, 2019, Stewart McLaurin delivered the Banner Lecture, “Scottish Stone Masons and Virginia Stone.”

In the 1790s, the stone harvested from Government Island in Stafford, Virginia, was used to construct the White House and the Capitol. Today, the remaining outcroppings of rock still stand on the island and the Aquia stone walls are all that is left of the original White House, witnesses to White House history. This lecture will consider the stones of the White House and the stonemasons from Scotland who created the finest stone carving in eighteenth-century America.

Stewart McLaurin is the president of the White House Historical Association. His career spans the non-profit, education, and public policy fields. Over the past thirty years, he has held senior positions with George Washington’s Mount Vernon, The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, the Motion Picture Association, Georgetown University, American Red Cross, and the Federal Government.

This lecture is cosponsored with the White House Historical Association.

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